TEXmarket owes a cutting department equipped with the most modern machines of the latest generation.

The cutting belongs to the core processes of our company. Hypothesis is the highest precision and speed, as well as the exact maintenance of the machines.

Following machines belong to our machine park :

  • Automatic cutting machines
  • Laser-cutting machines
  • Traditional cutting machines

Automatic cutting machines

We owe four automatic cutting machines. The integrated software enables the automatic generation of reports and the preparing of needed information for the implementation. The touch-control technology allows the optimization of the

production adjustments and leads thus to a higher cutting performance.

Laser-cutting machines

We owe four cutting machines with laser technology. Our laser machines are adequate for the engraving and cutting of different materials.

Traditional cutting machines

We owe more than ten traditional cutting machines that are operated manually.

We can use the performance potential of our cutting machine park only thanks to our high qualified personnel. The permanent maintenance of the machines and the assurance of the safety measures are also very important.


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