TEXmarket uses exclusively first class technical functional fabrics with the manufacturing seal Made in Italy and Swiss Made.

We acquire our fabrics on one hand from renowned Italian fabrics manufacturers and on the other hand we process personally fabrics, by manufacturing them at the knitting factories and dyeing factories with whom we are connected since many years.

Fabrics are knitted at a company in Northern Italy, in Bergamo. The family company is manufacturing successfully knitting goods and could successfully resist to the pressure of so called low-wage countries.


The same is valid for the dyeing factory, a family company, resided also in Bergamo, with whom we cooperate already since many years. The production management and quality assurance are adequate to the highest quality requirements.

With the most modern technology that is always at the state-of-the-art with the latest norms of EU, a high breathing activity and a pleasant wearing comfort for the fabrics manufactured for us is assured.

The technical properties of the individual fabric, such as breathing activity, durability and elasticity, are optimized for each sport, so that the athlete is equipped with the best possible fabrics for its sport.

All fabrics are tested internally and externally, in order to assure the fulfilment of the demanded requirements. Exact material specific data you may find in our catalogues (Download Area).

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