The product development is one of the core processes in our company. Our team consists of several highly experienced persons, who accompany the development process up to the completion of the products.

1. Planning phase

Together with our clients we develop, according to its data, the wished product.

Possible questions:

  • Who is our target group?
  • What characteristics/features must have our product?
  • How much can the product cost?
  • What is the timing?

2. Concept phase

In collaboration with the customer, a concept is created and the details of the product discussed.

Here some sample questions:

  • Which fabrics and accessories must be used?
  • Which sewing forms and sewing types should or must be applied?
  • Which design has to be used?

At the end of this phase the so-called technical data sheet and the design proposal (proposal = Grobdesign) are created.


3. Drafting phase

The concept must be implemented. This is done by our product engineers, who produce cutting patterns with the help of modern programs.

4. Drafting phase

The cutted patterns are sewn together. It is checked whether the finished product

has a good fit and whether it can be manufactured industrially. Normally 2 to 3 prototypes are created until these correspond to the expectations of the customers.

5. Photoshoot and sales sample

These are created as soon as the customer releases the product.

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