TEXmarket has a bonding technology department with a total of more than 15 employees. Our employees are highly qualified to serve modern machines and deliver the required quality. The bonding technique is used to connect or to join the fabrics without the need for a seam.
We have different machines, which on one hand overlap fabrics, on the other hand connect the fabrics without an overlap.
In order to strengthen the various types of connection, the parts are placed under a press after the adhesive tape has been attached in order to fix the connection.

Advantages of the bonding technology:
1) Weight savings: especially in the sportswear the bonding technology is used gladly because it is of low weight
2) Pleasant wearing of clothing to avoid abrasions
3) Sealing compound: the adhesive compound serves as a sealant for liquids
4) Uniform stress distribution and force transmission over the entire adhesive surface
5) Large area connections

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